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e-KEM is a fully integrated web based solution for effective management and administration of a large educational institution

C-Net's Knowledge Enterprise Management System or e-Kem features an intuitive, secured Saas (Software as a Service) platform with point-and-click simplicity. It is a cost-effective applications suite that covers key areas of operation of a large education institution or a group of institutions. e-Kem offers seamless integration of complete processes needed for efficient management of an institution which includes Academics, Teaching & Study Management, Examinations, Finance, Human Resource Management, Library, Placements etc.


EWPM is a Biometric and GPS enabled Employee Work and Performance System on secured Saas (Software as a Service) platform with point-and-click facility. It is unique software to maintain the details of employee profiles, salary, leave, increment, payment, advance, and attendance etc.

Its key features are:

  • Employee Management System
  • Attendance Management System
  • Leave Management System
  • Payroll Management System
  • Tour Management System
GPS-WMS (GPS enabled Handheld Device driven Works Monitoring System)

GPS-WMS is a cross platform software application to facilitate capturing of work progress and M&E information / photos / videos from work site with GPS tags using I-pad/ tablet/ Mobile phones.

Vehicle Tracking Management Solution

C-Net's Vehicle Tracking and Management System (VTMS) will help you track every step of your transport process from detailed bus routes, bus driver and vehicle management to parts and fuel management. It enables users to gain visibility, track and record the arrival, dwell and departure times for every vehicle at every step. It generates constant vehicle location data as well as a historical record of the vehicle's progress. GPS enabled devices will be installed to track movement of vehicles and tracking will be done continuously. This flexible and economical software platform gives the ability to configure the provided solution to meet the requirements of the organization and will improve transportation information visibility. Our solution also facilitates in generation of different kinds of reports like:

Monthly Vehicle Cost Analysis:
Transport Management module includes a simple tool that allows you to compare your current vehicle operating cost versus various other options and vehicle choices.

Bus Daily Routing and Scheduling:
Vehicle routing and scheduling feature can be used on a daily or weekly basis to plan the most cost effective drop routes based on actual student capacity. This helps maintain practical and efficient transport schedules every day, minimizing overall costs. Route plans are automatically optimized as per the student requirements.

Fixed route planning :
• Re-plan your master schedules to remove inefficiencies
• Avoid operating inefficient routes that have evolved over time
• Minimize transport costs, fleet resources, miles travelled and fuel costs

Master Schedule variations Management:
Once the fixed routes have been optimized, our solution can manage day-to-day changes in the schedules caused by disparate variations. This ensures that the capacity is completely utilized and further opportunities to improve the plan are not overlooked.


LMS (Learning Management System) is the online system for delivering subject content to students. Our LMS allows you to publish and deploy media-rich content. Pre-loaded templates as well as test, assessment and collaboration tools allow you to design and deliver courses without prior programming knowledge and helps in evaluating students on the go.

RFID based Library Management System

RFID technology is a perfect match for libraries and archives. It improves the information processes, increases efficiency, staff productivity and customer service. It can enhance existing barcode systems by providing additional features such as automatic checkout and return while adding security against theft. RFID books and creates savings in time spent searching for books shelved in incorrect locations. Stock takes can be reduced to a simple walk in check loss of an isle while RFID tags are read when they are still housed on a shelf.

SMART Attendance Management System

C-Net Student attendance management solution is a web based tool with a complete integrated solution for educational institution. It helps an institution to stay informed and in control, enabling prompt communication with parents and facilitates automated responses. It also provides customizable reporting options to suit organization requirements. Our solution can be integrated on Tablet PC for use by faculty members.

SMART Card based Access Control System

Smart card based access control system can be used universally anywhere where security is prime concern. It ensures security to a property, organization and other places where entrance of authorized & unauthorized persons needs to be segregated.

Our Smart card based access control system is an access control system that allows only authorized persons to access a restricted area.

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