Enterprise Application Services

Enterprise solution is imperative in today’s fast paced business environment. If your business is in need of a technology infusion, we have a solution for you. We will assess your situation, suggest a solution, develop, test and implement it on your facility, provide training to your resources, and support its functioning. If you have a legacy application running in your organization, we can modernize it without affecting your business.



Here is how we can help you to be a more tech friendly organization:

a) Custom Application Development

The capability to suggest a suitable solution comes with expertise in developing and managing rich User Interfaces and web technologies deployed over a time span of 15plus years. Solutions that have enhanced performance and output for our valuable clients, we have perfected our agile development methodology, which is a proven, seamless on-site/offsite framework designed to accelerate project cycles, improve quality, and maximize ROI, while dramatically lowering the cost of implementation as well as total cost of ownership(TCO).

Our service offerings are targeted towards fundamentals, leading towards high end-user productivity, and rapid adoption with a primary focus to harvest increased business value from your investments.

b) Testing, Software Performance Optimization and Troubleshooting

Our quality assessment and assurance methodologies are based on the philosophy of early detection. We believe in an early detection of defects and loopholes which not only prevents stumbling of blocks during the actual testing phase, but also stabilizes application at early stages itself. Apart from this, our reusable test cases can be easily implemented in various environments, making testing an intensive and integrated process.

Our solutions undergo an extensive bug-detection and performance based process to ensure that they are the best of breed, and based on optimized findings to generate "wow" among users.

c) Implementation Services

Application development is only half the work done. Our skilled resources have acquired in-depth knowledge and understanding of business processes and strategic understanding of implementation/roll-out processes. We can do an on-site implementation of applications, system Integration and Project Commissioning for your processes.

d) Application Maintenance and Support

We consider it our responsibility to ensure long term sustainability of custom developed applications Hence. We extend maintenance and support services to ensure smooth and seamless transition.

e) Legacy Modernization

Our deep understanding of business intelligence processes and systems establishes us as preferred partner in designing and developing comprehensive data-warehousing systems.

Our teams have inbuilt capabilities in designing crisp and smart business intelligence reports, acting as tools for senior executives and decision makers to take early hand in their businesses.