Corporate Social Responsibility

At C-net Infotech, it has been our constant endeavor to give back to the society what we have received from it. As a responsible corporate citizen, we collaborate with clients and governments to develop sustainable solutions and governance frameworks. We take pride in being a company with a strong social conscience, and this ideology stems out of the fact that we are closely linked to the communities we operate in.

To help the society is anchored in our core values and our code of business ethics and, ultimately, reflected by our people who live and work in communities around the world.

We believe that every step aimed at helping the community is an important step. Our commitment to make a positive difference to the environment is not only one of our initiative but is a sustained effort to make a visible change to people's lives.

Our CSR Initiatives

"Bloggers Park"-World’s first Blogazine

To bring one's thoughts imaginations and experiences to the world is very necessary because we never know what little thought can bring transformation. Blogging is a greatest way which ensures this and hence enhances knowledge and exposure. Blogging is widely done through internet but print media still has the stronger foothold amongst people in comparison to internet media. To ensure that blogs reach to larger and right mass of people, C-net has come up with a unique idea called “Bloggers Park” which is the world’s first "Magazine on Blogs".

Bloggers Park is a Blogazine (Blog-Magazine) which covers blogs on Government and Politics, Crime corruption and ethical, management, travel, art, philosophy etc. and it is the world’s first platform which makes the blogs reaches to people in online as well as offline mode. The Bloggers Park ensures:

  • More visibility of blogs due to offline mode of communication
  • Blogs reach large mass of people
  • Direct access to target market
  • Higher credibility of blogs

Blogger's Park Blogazine is a unique initiative which is backed up by the popular social media portal - It is a one-stop-resource for 360 degree Informed Opinion on People, Products and Organizations (PPOs). also has a unique concept of 'scratching the Soul, Mind and Body' of these PPOs. On this portal, users not only find PPOs listed at the same place with basic information like location and contact details, but also get feedback about them from authenticated stake holders. Bloggers park initiative is provided completely free of cost to the blogger which adds to the encourages and ensures more participation.

Resource Intensive Policy

In the phase of accelerated depletion of natural resources, incremental increase in resource efficiencies is not sufficient and, beyond a point, optimization gets prohibitively expensive. Resource intensity is about doing far more with far less. We constantly look at transformational ways to de-intensify and achieve the same or better outcomes, using fewer resources.